Essential Oils

I few years ago I began an exploratory journey with Young Living Essential Oils as a complement to my Rolfing sessions.  Being of a scientific and skeptical mindset, I have tested a variety of oils and a number of uses before I recommend them blindly to my clients.  I realize they might not on their own fill a need of any kind, but they can partner with Rolfing to help extend the healing process beyond what my sessions can offer to create longer lasting relief in the body and help to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing.

Young Living is a reputable and highly ethical company that guarantees the quality of every bottle of oil, even voluntarily subjecting their product to third party analysis and testing to guarantee the purity and natural content.  No added fillers, cheap imitations, artificial dyes or perfumes.  What's on the label is what's on the bottle, so you can rest easy in knowing that what you're putting in and on your body, your pets, home and your family is guaranteed.  The side effects of pure essential oils is minimal at best compared to traditional pharmaceutical offerings for things such as headaches and muscle tension.  Essential oils are shown to be potent bacterial and viral reducing agents for personal hygiene and non-toxic home cleaning products which can be quickly and affordably be made at home.

If you desire to learn more, please contact me with any questions you might have.

If you choose to order, you have two options - you can either be a casual retail customer or you can create a distributor account which offers you a 24% discount as long as you maintain a $50/year purchase on your account.  The starter packs for the distributor accounts are amazing values and let you test some of the most popular oils without a large financial commitment.

Create your account by clicking here.

Enter 1649430 for either Sponsor ID or Enroller ID so that if corporate has questions with your order they might be able to contact you via me.

Instructions for the account enrollment page found here.

From time to time I will have a limited stock of select essential oils at the office which you may purchase directly from me at the time of your appointment.  Prices vary based on bottle size and type of oil, tax and shipping charges will be included in the price collected from clients purchasing directly from me.


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