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Structural Integration

Rolfing addresses the body, mind and spirit, but what Rolfers can touch is fascia, or the connective tissue that wraps around every cell in the body and holds people upright. All of this while giving each person their individual shape. Rolfers call this 'structure' and we are trained to perceive the human body in a unique way. We consider your body in traditional anatomic models as well as in ways that only Rolfers can visualize and create treatment plans for.  Please ensure that the practitioner you are seeking structural integration from graduated from an appropriate school of SI, such as the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

Rolfers place great emphasis on quality of movement and will assess how your body moves and what we can do to make it more congruent with itself.


Rolfing is...

Rolfing is the original form of Structural Integration in the world and is approached with a holistic mindset. If your back hurts, chances are, the source of it is from somewhere else in your body and your back is compensating for lack of balance in your system. Rolfers work to alter a person's relationship with gravity to create congruence within the system. When needed, the Rolfer will work to re-educate the client on their movement patterns to establish healthier body habits and amplify the effect of the Rolfing work.  

Clients report lessened pain, better flexibility and energy, among numerous other benefits, many of which last years and even decades beyond the completion of the Series. People often think of financial investments and things to buy, but many people seem to hesitate investing in their own body, which is their vehicle for life. Prioritize what's important to you and your loved ones, which is you.


The Ten Series

Rolfers prefer that clients follow our traditional Ten Series, of which consists, for the average client, 10 appointments.  Some clients need a few less, some need a couple extra to fully address their individual needs.  Each session is meant to systematically open up the body and its holding patterns related to our injuries and daily habits which strain our system.  Appointments are ideally completed in 10-30 weeks for optimum progress.


Essential Oils

A few years ago I began an exploratory journey with Young Living Essential Oils as a complement to my Rolfing sessions.  Being of a scientific and skeptical mindset, I have tested a variety of oils and a number of uses before I recommend them blindly to my clients.  I realize they might not on their own fill a need of any kind, but they can partner with Rolfing to help extend the healing process beyond what my sessions can offer to create longer lasting relief in the body and help to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing.


Rolfing Is Not...

  • Chiropractic because we do not make high velocity, low-aplitude manipulations of the spinal column.

  • Physical therapy because we work with your entire body, not just the area you present as problematic for you. Rolfers work with their clients for the entire session and usually do not leave the room, thereby giving you our time, attention and healing touch, uncompromised. Rolfing goals are quite different from PT.

  • Medical advice/doctor's appointment because we cannot legally diagnose conditions or prescribe anything to our clients.

  • Massage because we work with the body's connective tissue instead of muscles and we set goals for changes in your body for each session. This fascial work lends to longer lasting relief and in some instances visible improvements in a person's posture and often noticeable reduction of pain and various symptoms.



Beth is the sole practitioner at Balanced in Gravity and will be working closely with you to meet your needs and goals.