What to Expect



Before the Appointment
Please plan to arrive slightly early for each of your sessions.  Any amount of time you are late up to 30 minutes will be lost from your session time.  A failed or missed appointment without a 24 hour or prior cancellation will be billed the full rate for the session because I will have been unable to schedule another client in that short of notice.   

Please print and complete these forms and bring them to your first session so we may begin working during your scheduled time.  If you have any pertinent medical records or a list of medications you are taking, please feel free to include that information. 

During the Appointment
At the the beginning of your appointment, we will complete or review any necessary paperwork.  If you feel that medical records are pertinent to your condition, please bring them and I will do what I can to customize your treatment plan.  We will discuss your goals for the series and what is realistically attainable from my work.

What to Wear
For each and every session, please wear comfortable and conservative undergarments or a bathing suit.  Men are recommended to wear briefs, boxer briefs or swim trunks.  Boxers are not suggested.

Women should wear a comfortable bra (not T-back sports bra as I will work on your back and this inhibits my access to the area between the shoulder blades)  and briefs, hip hugger, or boyshort style underwear.  If you choose to wear a two piece bathing suit, please make sure that your midsection is accessible and visible.

If your skin is freshly showered or dry, please use a non-greasy lotion for your comfort. 

Typical Session and Body Response 
My sessions are scheduled to last up to 75 minutes for each client.  Some people's nervous systems may become overwhelmed by the nature of the work and/or length of the sessions.  Please note that I will monitor your body as I am working on it and the estimation of a 75 minute appointment is not a definite amount of time for your session, like is common in massage.  

Does Rolfing® hurt?

Rolfing can be uncomfortable in areas of fascial adhesions (tension), but it is my priority to make you as much at ease with the work as I can.  We will have open communication about what is working for you during the appointment.

Are there any guarantees?

I cannot make any promises that my sessions will reduce or eliminate your pain, headaches, tension or any other symptoms you might be seeking my services for.  Unfortunately, Rolfing is sometimes sought as a last resort, after clients have been through pharmaceutical and surgical interventions and I cannot turn back the clock on all previous therapies.  Some people respond better to the work than others and I cannot place enough emphasis on what self care and stress management can do to compliment the Rolfing process.

If you are unsure whether Rolfing with me is right for you, please consider committing to a minimum of three sessions to allow your body to begin to open up and accept the changes.  At that time if you have hesitations of completing your Ten Series, please discuss your concerns with me and we can find a compromise.


If your child is under age 12, a session will run half of the time and will be half of my normal session fee.  Adolescents age 12-18 are regular time and fee because of their size.  Children are worked on clothed in shorts and a tank or tee, I personally prefer that they do not present for their appointment in less attire than that.  I always want parents to know that I will put their child's safety and comfort as my utmost priority.  Rolfing a child can in some ways prove to be preventative because they don't grow and reinforce old patterns of injury and compensation and drive it deeper into the body's nervous system.