Save BIG on your Rolfing with me!

Here's a quick reminder that if you plan to have Rolfing sessions with me in 2014 to set aside money in your HSA/FSA because for many people it's currently open season.  My session rate of $120 will remain unchanged.  If you prepay your whole body Ten Series to me by your fourth session, you save $200 as a package rate ($1,200-$200=$1,000).


What if you need to use up remaining money for your 2013 year before you lose it?  Get into my schedule before my calendar is all booked up!  Most people mistakenly believe that they need to pursue all ten appointments to benefit from Rolfing, but for many an average of 1, 2 or 3 appointments can help to ward off daily aches and pains.


Don't miss your chance to save an additional 30% on your Rolfing by having it covered by your pre-tax dollars!  This could leave your pre-paid Ten Series costing you around $600-700 if you take advantage of combining the savings.