Change is upon us...

You've been warned that this might border on corny and/or nostalgic....

 As the seasons begin to change, it makes me realize that if something as gargantuan as a planet can shift, then what's holding the little tiny people who live on it back?

Fear of the unknown? Commitment phobia (1, 3 or the whole 10 sessions with a Rolfer is hardly a lifetime, heck not even a fraction of a week!)?  Worry that you'll realize what you've been denying yourself? Denial that we're worth caring for ourselves and each other?  Old underwear riddled with holes?

Yes, it can be a bit unnerving to have a holistic health practitioner look at how your body aligns and works while you're in your skivvies or some Lycra-butt-hugging-micro-shorts, but it serves a purpose of customizing your sessions and to see where we've made progress and where we yet can improve in the next appointment.  Trust me, when we're in the room for your session consult, I'm not checking  to see if you matched your top to your bottom or whether you have a cesarean scar or stretch marks or spider veins or cellulite.  95% of the population on earth has at least one, if not multiple of those things.  It's not my place to evaluate or judge those battle wounds on my clients.  

I'm more worried about how your system works and moves and it's my job to help you open up closed pathways and channels to create better nerve conduction, muscle differentiation, freedom for the bones to move and support you, just to name a few.  Yes, the sensation of Rolfing can be intense in places that have been held for a long time, and I do all that I can to help you through those sensations.

It's in the letting go of the adhesions and strain where we find ourselves shifting out of darkness of pain and limited living and into the light of spring.

It's in this 'tune-up' that you rediscover ease of movement that you haven't felt in years, decreased back pain and neck pain and headaches without medications that limit your quality of life, and a sense of reclaimed youth, height and vitality.  

Now that's what I call a heavenly body.