Watch out ImageTrend, I'm hanging out with you tomorrow!

I love health fairs.  Not only to participate as a provider/vendor, but also to check out what is the latest and greatest out there.

This year I was asked back to a nifty little software company tucked away in the wonderful little town of Lakeville to be in their employee health fair for the second year of my practice.  For this I'm feeling very lucky and grateful to be sharing my business and wellness practice offerings with people who work hard to make software that benefits a majority of the country.

People who work at computers all day, every day tend to become fatigued and experience a sort of 'out of body' experience which lends them to exhibit poor posture, spinal collapse and rounding and uneven weight distribution and a drooping neck and head.  All of this combined can compress vital nerves and blood vessels, compress the discs in the spinal column and create a downward spiral of muscle tension, shortening and limited movement.  Computer people begin to feel much older than they should for their biological age.

Rolfing can help to counteract this by re-education on posture and body mechanics to conserve energy and integrity of the system.  By lengthening muscles that have shortened and tightened we can decompress the body right down to the cellular level and bring much needed blood that carries nutrition and oxygen to the cells and in return removes metabolic waste.  Chances are if you have chronic knots or muscles that ache and burn, this is what's happening.  Your muscle cells are in a purgatory of sorts and they're starving for much needed help.

Call your favorite Rolfer (that'd be ME) and schedule a test drive for Rolfing today.  If you work at ImageTrend, I'll see you tomorrow and show you in person what we can do to help your specific needs.  If you book with me at the fair I have an extra-special offer for you to get you on the road to whole-body wellness!