Calling all Dads......

Tomorrow you will probably get a tie.  Sorry, I can't help you there.  

Chances are it came with a gift receipt, so here's the deal: do an exchange for some new skivvies. Plain or humorous cartoon character ones that are coverage-appropriate for Rolfing appointments.

Then book a session with me because I know how lots of fathers are spending tons of time giving piggy back rides, teaching kids how be athletic (though you might feel you're too old to be doing this anymore), and lugging and reaching all that heavy and tall stuff that the other family members might not be able to wrangle.

So I get it, you're ailing but you're feeling too stoic to ask for help with your aches and pains. Not to worry, there's nothing fluffy or girly happening in my appointments, so it's not like sending your wife to the spa.  I aim to get your arms, legs, back, etc working more fluidly so you can get back to being the family hero.  Then you can spend time showing your kids what a slam dunk looks like without you waddling into the office on Monday morning with exaggerated stories of how you injured yourself.

Think of it like getting 100,000 mile maintenance on your car and I'm the mechanic.  

Through Friday, June 20th, I'm offering an introductory 3-Pack of Sessions for $300 (save $60) for Dad.  Either someone can buy the gift card for him or ol' pops himself can take the reins and shoot me a message that he needs a little maintenance.  

Thanks to all the Fathers out there for being the great guys you are, who always tell us to just 'go ask Mom' when we want to do something fun and you see no harm in it.

In honor of Dad, whether or not he's accident prone:

If you know your schedule, request an appointment here: