SourcePoint Therapy

Recently I took the first of three in a series of courses on energetic healing called SourcePoint Therapy.  Now, being a pretty skeptical person had to make sure I went in with an open mind instead of a furrowed brow because I'm personally not getting Botox. 

The premise of SP is that we have points on, in and around our body in which our body's geometry organizes itself.  When any of these points are at an imbalance or blocked, then we can manifest with problems, in my mind similar to chakras.  In the first phase of the training we learned about diamond points (north, south, east and west) that are outside of the body by about 1-2 feet and correspond to Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.  Oddly enough, these points are 'palpable' in midair.  Was my BS radar at an all-time high?  Perhaps, but as the weekend unfolded I dropped some of my initial cynicism as experience after experience gave the same indications of the work.

We also worked with naval and sacral (or the sacrum, for which the bone is named 'sacred') and it seems nearly everyone's experience with the naval work was indicative of a place of deeper healing.  In my practice I have used this point on (skeptical) clients without telling them the premise of the work and over three quarters of the people ask me what I'm doing because they feel something warm and comforting in their abdominal area in front of their spine.

In SourcePoint, we can also scan the body for blockages and a place of entry point to lay our hands that is most welcoming to the body.  I would personally say that my fingers turned into the equivalent of dousing rods or magnets because when I would get over a certain area in my practice client's body my fingers would start moving involuntarily, which blew my mind.  Now we can ask ourselves if energy healing is real and get into a whole big argument and make a fuss.   Hearing from our practice clients that the student practitioners always seemed to go to the same areas without cues or hints or prior knowledge of health history was immensely fascinating to me.  Coincidence or not, I can't be sure but I'm working to add SourcePoint to my Rolfing sessions so that I might further heal my clients from their deepest needs.